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Meet   Safeena

Your companion on the journey to food freedom!

Avocado Toast

Hi & Welcome!

My name is Safeena, and I am the practitioner behind Lumina Nutrition. Food has always been my passion since I was old enough to help in the kitchen. Like many other people, I was bombarded with conflicting messages around nutrition and beauty standards. I knew my calling was to be a guiding light, of sorts, to make health information easy to understand and to help others identify what wellness means to them. 


I completed my undergraduate and graduate studies at Ryerson University in Tkaronto, Kanadario (Toronto, Ontario). I am a Health At Every Size(R)-informed practitioner and use a non-diet approach to nutrition. 

Values that inform my approach:


You get what you give! I strive to create a safe space filled with compassion to ensure you get the support you need.


Trust is the key ingredient for any relationship, including the one with your healthcare providers. We will always present different care options for your selection along with their benefits and disadvantages.


Healthcare does not stop at the office door. As a provider, I advocate for health justice, food justice, and environmental justice to ensure we pave the way for an equitable future.

For the Love of Food

Food is vital for so many reasons: it nourishes our body and mind, it unites us with loved ones and our community, and it is an important part of our identity. 

With an all-foods-fit approach, I share recipes that I love or have created myself to incorporate some joy into your weekly arsenal of meal ideas!  

Need Recipe Inspiration?

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Work with Me

Who I Have Worked With:


The Mindful Dietitian Podcast with Fiona Sutherland has built an international community of dietitians who explore and practice from the standpoint of body liberation, non-diet approaches to nutrition, and mindfulness to promote self-confidence and holistic wellbeing in clients. Safeena was featured in a lively discussion about the lack of diversity and inclusion in the field and how education and professional environments can progress towards equity.


Weight-Inclusive Dietitians in Canada (WIDIC), founded by Vincci Tsui, RD, is a dietitian support group for those practicing from a weight-inclusive approach. The group hosts monthly webinars with subject experts on various topics relating to body liberation, where Safeena has discussed the urgency of racial intersectionality in the movement.


Mehraneh “Mona” Mohebbi

Hello, my name is Mona and I’m in my fourth year in the Nutrition and Food program at Ryerson University. I’ve love baking, cooking, and experimenting with recipes, and reading about nutrition, so it led me to explore the area of dietetics and my passion for nutrition has only grown from there.


I aspire to be a registered dietitian and enable other individuals to lead balanced life and have a positive relationship with food. One of the areas of nutrition I have become very interested in is disease prevention since many health risks and conditions can be prevented or alleviated through nutrition.


Arya Ebrahimzadeh Ahari

Hello all, my name is Arya and I am heading into my final year of study for my undergraduate in nutrition and food, with my future goal of pursuing graduate school and obtaining my designation as a dietitian.


My biggest aspiration is to open up my own private practice as a dietitian where I can provide quality nutrition counselling and care to my future patients. Additionally, I am motivated to start my very own blog that can I use as a means of communication to various audiences about current fads, recipe design, and general lifestyle advice! 

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